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AIR-COND Klimaanlagen-Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.

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Advantages for your company

Durability, energy efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and much more.

An ideal environment increases work performance considerably, and in turn your economic success.

Modern air conditioners combine several advantages in a single unit: Not only are they suitable for cooling, but also for heating, hot water preparation, dehumidifying, and filtering the air. TOSHIBA air conditioners also increase your employees' ability to concentrate. Did you know that you become much less efficient at a room temperature of above 24°C? At 33°C efficiency levels drop to below 50%. Too much humidity in the air also affects your ability to concentrate.


TOSHIBA uses extremely advanced technologies that are constantly being further developed, in order to help you make the best use of your budget and to boost durability.

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Space-saving outdoor units, a large selection of indoor units, and adaptable installation options afford the highest possible system flexibility.

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Energy efficiency

All models demonstrate excellent efficiency values. For example, VRF models achieve an ESEER of up to 10.99.

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24 h continuous operation

TOSHIBA business devices are designed for long-term use in rooms with sensitive technology and ensure consistent room temperatures.

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TOSHIBA stands for maximum quality and fault-free operation. In the unlikely event that a compressor fails, a backup function is available.

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Broad operating range

Innovative technology permits an outside temperature range of between –25 and +46°C. This means that one unit can cover all the heating requirements.

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Your professional partner

Be it the planning of a new construction or the adaptation of existing systems, our TOSHIBA partners come up with intelligent solutions. Using modern software and drawing on years of experience, they design comprehensive air conditioning systems and provide affordable installation and maintenance services. Contact one of our TOSHIBA partners and create the perfect indoor climate with the help of our experts.


TOSHIBA business applications distinguish between two systems: A single-room solution (RAV) with up to four indoor units in a temperature zone and a multi-room solution (VRF) for large buildings with virtually unlimited combinations of indoor units and temperature zones.

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