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Depending on the design & application area, TOSHIBA air conditioning systems clean the air in several stages, and in doing so, ensure that the cooled air is not only clean, but that it is also free of odors when released. Various filter systems are used depending on the model, which optimize air quality.

Air quality

Self-Cleaning Function

The fan continues to run for a few minutes after operation has ended, in order to dry the heat exchanger in the indoor unit. This eliminates unpleasant odors. Indoor units for the home impress with an additional – virtually passive – cleaning function: special profiles & coatings on the heat exchanger fins make it easier to wash away stubborn contaminants filtered out of the air using condensation produced during cooling mode – a clever & hygienic solution.

TOSHIBA systems also work to provide a healthy environment in places that you perhaps would not expect, e.g. antibacterial glass in drain pumps integrated in some indoor units. This glass produces silver ions that block the metabolic activity of bacteria and destroy their ability to replicate, leading ultimately to their death. The effect of this is permanent, so the system remains maintenance-free.

Dust filter

Large, washable plastic filters cover the entire heat exchanger and remove coarse contaminants and dust particles from the air.

IAQ filter

TOSHIBA's IAQ filter cleans the air using silver ions and enzymes extracted from kimchi. This has a deodorizing effect, freshening the air and contributing towards maintaining good health and neutralizing viruses and bacteria. These filters can be easily removed and cleaned – ideally using a vacuum cleaner. The IAQ filter should be replaced roughly every two years.

3:1 filter

Active carbon-catechin filters clean the air in two stages: carbon has a deodorizing effect, while catechin removes dust and other particles.

Plasma filter & ionizer

These highly specialized filters are used in TOSHIBA's premium indoor units for the home: the DAISEIKAI models. The plasma filter with ionizer absorbs and neutralizes particles smaller than 0.001 μm, such as fine dust, pollen, mold spores, and viruses. The silver ions that are also produced have a strong antibacterial effect. This effect has already been documented by Hippocrates: silver was used by Phoenicians to prolong the shelf life of food. This efficient electrical filter system can be activated at the push of a button and works in three stages:

  • An ion charger adds a positive charge to impurities in the room air drawn in behind the dust filter.
  • Negatively charged ions in the collector attract larger, positively charged pollutants.
  • Remaining particles are collected via the positive charge in the second collector. Finally, the neutralized particles absorbed on the specially coated heat exchanger are conducted away together with the condensation.

The plasma filter itself can also be cleaned: after approx. 1000 operating hours, it should be removed from the switched-off and currentless unit and cleaned with hot water.

Special demands are often placed on filter systems in air conditioners for the commercial sector, for example in the medical industry (hygiene legislation), in measurement rooms or in industrial cleanroom production. If specific EN filter classes must be satisfied according to regulations, this can be achieved with ease using duct units with external filter boxes.

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