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Energy galore
The principle of chillers

The dimensions and purpose are what count:

These examples show instances where TOSHIBA CHILLERS are being deployed with success.

They are used not only to cool and heat large buildings to a pleasant temperature, but in lots of technical applications too: processes, refrigeration of foodstuffs, medical technology, data centers, skating rinks and anywhere where downtimes or dips in performance are simply not acceptable.

Although we only use the word "chiller", which suggests cooling, this heat pump technology can of course also be used for heating purposes.

Using water or brine as the energy carrier not only allows huge amounts of power to be transferred, but also maximum flexibility in the choice of heating and cooling system. For example, TOSHIBA HEAT PUMPS and CHILLERS can therefore supply the following systems with heating or cooling as required: fancoils, mechanical ventilation systems, processes, machinery, panel heating, cooling systems and concrete core cooling.


• For cooling and heating.

• For industry and commerce.

• Flexible sizes and dimensions.

Extremely simple installation

• Variable speed circulation pump integrated on request.

• Any choice of manufacturer when it comes to heating / cooling system.

• Central maintenance and control.

TOSHIBA CHILLERS are the best investment around.

TOSHIBA has been developing and perfecting chillers since 1997. Its X-frame design has been winning awards since 2006. Following huge success in Asia, the company is now launching a concept specially adapted to European needs: the Universal Smart X Edge system – or USX Edge for short.

The "Universal" in the name represents universal applicability and scalability. Rather than "built-to order" systems, which are costly to plan and have long delivery times, the modular elements can be combined in any way to deliver up to 26 megawatts.

The "Smart" in the name represents the intelligent concept: optimum energy efficiency and reliability from the module-in-module concept, design benefits in the structural shape, centralized control across all modules in the entire system, and many more details.

  • Universal use for many different applications.
  • Short delivery times, simple system design, effortless maintenance.
  • Compact design and maximum performance.
  • Superlative energy efficiency.
  • Modularity ensures permanent function.
  • Robust components developed and manufactured by TOSHIBA.

Offices, Tokyo (Japan)

18,000 m² floor space, constructed in 2015
900 kW of comfort heating and cooling capacity
6 modules of 150 kW each
The challenge here was the very limited installation space and the function for switching between heating and cooling.

Supplier to the aviation industry, Kobe (Japan)

Constructed in 2011
1,600 kW cooling capacity
9 modules of 180 kW each
The systems must ensure cooling of the injection molding machines all year round.

Sake brewery, Kyoto (Japan)

Constructed in 2017
4,400 kW heating capacity for processes
22 modules with 200 kW each
The key challenge here was to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Large food cold storage facility, Bangkok (Thailand)

Constructed in 2019
5,550 kW cooling capacity
37 modules of 150 kW each
Absolute operational safety and reliability and redundancy with low energy demands were needed here.

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