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In addition to the high quality of the air conditioners, the controls also play a significant part in the ease-of-use and efficiency of the units. An optimized setup can also help you to save additional energy.


Wireless control

Almost all our home units come with infrared remote controls, whose functions depend on the unit. For many units, an optional remote control with additional functions such as a weekly timer or frost protection function can be used.

Cable remote control

An optional cable remote control is available for duct and cassette units. The Shorai Edge model gives you the option to connect the infrared remote control using a cable. This means that your remote control will always be in the right place.

Mobile/WiFi solution

Imagine a hot summer's day. Before you get in your car and drive home, you turn your air conditioner on using your smartphone. When you get home, the living room has been cooled to a pleasant temperature. The optional TOSHIBA Home AC Control allows you to control your unit via a smartphone app, no matter where you are. WiFi internet access is required.

The RBC-Combi Control module allows for remote control without WiFi via an app or SMS. Only a SIM card is required. All TOSHIBA units are WiFi-capable and are compatible with the Combi Control.

Remote control functions

For switching the unit on/off

For setting the desired temperature

For automatic selection of the cooling/heating or fan mode

For selecting the cooling, heating, dehumidifying, or automatic operating modes

For gradually increasing the temperature by 2°C until morning

For activating the floor heating function on the console

For the automatic operation of individually programmed settings

For activating energy saving mode

For activating the plasma filter

For activating the frost protection function

For choosing one of five fan speeds

For automatic, vertical air distribution

For fixing the air fins

For 3D air distribution in six patterns

For generating a very strong air flow to quickly reach the desired temperature

For activating the power limitation

For reducing the fan speed for the whisper function

For activating preferred predefined settings

For activating the timer

For deactivating the timer

For saving timer settings

For stopping operation within a specified time (30 min12 h)

For deleting timer settings

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