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ESTIA heat pump


At some time or other, every home owner faces the choice of the right heating system. If you decide to use water as the heat transfer medium in your central heating, you quickly find yourself asking the question: 'What kind of system are we going to use?'. An air-to-water heat pump, often simply known as an air source heat pump, is an environmentally-friendly and flexible answer to this question. Alongside the environmental aspect, an air source heat pump combines a number of benefits, notably low-cost heating and the small amount of space the system takes up as well as not having to find space to store fuel.



Both in terms of acquisition costs and operations, a heat pump is a cheap form of heating as it uses so little electricity.


p>Thanks to the smart grid, a photovoltaic system can be easily incorporated, allowing you to produce the electricity you need yourself.

Funding available

You can get a grant for a heat pump heating system, such as the Austrian government's “Raus aus dem Öl” funding scheme for heating.


Air source heat pumps work with radiators just as well as underfloor heating systems and can be used for both heating and cooling.


The intelligent compressor technology makes heating operation possible at temperatures down to –25°C and cooling at temperatures up to +43°C.

Environmentally-friendly and conserves natural resources

Air-based heating is CO2-neutral. There is an infinite supply of air and it doesn't have to be stored.


Air source heat pumps in older buildings

An air-to-water heat pump is best suited to older buildings. If you already have hot water heating, fitting a new system isn't an issue. The installation can usually be completed in a day and you can use the existing radiators.

Air source heat pumps in new builds

If you are planning to build a new house, a heat pump gives you lots of options. You have complete freedom in planning your heating system. Underfloor or panel heating is possible as are radiators or fan coil units.

Hot water preparation

An air source heat pump can prepare and also store all the hot water needed for domestic use. There are numerous possible ways to do this ranging from an individual system to an all-in one solution.

"Since we started using ESTIA, our heating costs have fallen and we are finally not dependent on the price of fuel."

Nora and Markus FRIEDRICH, homebuyers 2014


Unlike heating with solid fuels, when using an air-to-water heat pump your heating system is CO2-neutral because you obtain your thermal energy from the air. Since nothing is being burnt, there is also no fine dust or soot. Shifting to the R32 refrigerant not only improves the efficiency of the heat pump, but you can boost performance by up to 60% with the same charge. In terms of the GWP (Global Warming Potential), this translates into a 3-fold reduction. You also benefit from having a closed circuit, so no refrigerant can escape and you also have nothing to top up.

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