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TOSHIBA Air conditioners


Air conditioners for your home

An air conditioner is a real asset – fresh air and optimum temperatures provide us with a proper sense of wellbeing. TOSHIBA air conditioners can give you that same feeling in your home. With our efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, your quality of life will improve significantly.

Improved efficiency

Did you know that you become much less efficient at a room temperature of above 24°C? At 33°C efficiency levels drop to below 50%. Too much humidity in the air also affects our ability to concentrate. An air conditioner and a dehumidifier will improve your wellbeing considerably.

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Unique comfort levels

The system is extremely quiet, so you will hardly notice it in the day or when you are sleeping at night.

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Maximum efficiency

The unit is extremely efficient, particularly in the partial load range. Since all our units have cooling and heating functions, you will have everything you need all year round. Both functions boast a minimum of energy efficiency class A.

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TOSHIBA-Klima Home




A designer high-wall unit of the upper mid-range with a versatile textile cover concept, maximum energy efficiency, and a WiFi module integrated as standard. For use with 1:1 single outdoor unit or in combination with other indoor units on a 2- to 5-room multi outdoor unit.

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Seiya NEW

Seiya NEW


Compact highwall unit from the BASIC line SEIYA with standard air filter. For use with 1:1 single outdoor unit or in combination with other indoor units on a 2- to 5-room multi outdoor unit.

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HIGH line hiwall unit in a seamless matt design, optionally in classic white or in stylish black. Highest energy efficiency in combination with Ultra-Pure air filter and design remote control. 3D- and Careflow- air distribution move the air flow draft-free in the room. For use with 1:1 single outdoor unit or in combination with other indoor units on a 2 to 5 room multi outdoor unit.

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Your professional partner

Be it the planning of a new construction or the adaptation of existing systems, our TOSHIBA partners come up with intelligent solutions. Using modern software and drawing on years of experience, they design comprehensive air conditioning systems and provide affordable installation and maintenance services. Contact one of our TOSHIBA partners and create the perfect indoor climate with the help of our experts.


TOSHIBA business solutions

An ideal environment increases work performance considerably, and in turn your economic success. Modern air conditioners combine several advantages in a single unit: Not only are they suitable for cooling, but also for heating, hot water preparation, dehumidifying, and filtering the air.

How you could benefit from TOSHIBA-Klima solutions


Top ESEER values guarantee the cost effectiveness of the unit, particularly in terms of energy savings in the partial load range (in which the unit predominantly operates). Furthermore, you have the option to integrate all conventional building control systems and tailor the central control system to your needs. Our extensive partner network will provide you with support, from planning right through to maintenance work.

End customers

The room temperature and air flow of the units can be regulated individually and flexibly. Simple remote controls allow for convenient control of the unit.

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A total of 18 designs, 14 power levels, and 128 indoor units allow for maximum flexibility in design and installation, aided by the "DesignAIRS" design program.

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TOSHIBA-Klima Business

SMART cassette R32

SMART cassette R32


Highly efficient 4-way cassette for RAV single-room systems for combination exclusively with Super Digital Inverter outdoor units for refrigerant R32. Individual comfort, even for large spaces with high capacity requirements. Available in four capacity sizes from 5.0 to 12.5 kW.

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VRF 2-pipe outdoor unit for cooling or heating operation with a wide performance spectrum. For combination with VRF indoor units, DX-kits, hot water modules and VN heat exchangers according to the Selection Tool design software.

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The ESTIA air to water heat pump

The ESTIA air to water heat pump is extremely effective and is suitable for cost-effective heating, hot water preparation, and cooling in your home. The pump uses the surrounding air as an energy source, making it extremely environmentally friendly.

Similarly to the refrigeration principle, the air to water heat pump absorbs heat from the ambient air and transfers it to the hot water system in your home with the help of a refrigeration cycle. Up to 5 kW of heat can be absorbed from 1 kW of electrical energy.

The ESTIA air to water heat pump consists of an outdoor unit and the hydro unit as an indoor unit. The hydro unit supplies all appliances such as the hot water tank, radiators, or underfloor heating with hot water. The new ESTIA MONO combines the outdoor unit and the hydro unit in one system and is suitable for installation outdoors.

The outdoor unit

Heat energy is absorbed via the compressor and air heat exchanger and transferred to the hydro unit in your home.

The hydro unit

In the hydro unit, heat is transferred from the refrigerant to the water system via a plate heat exchanger, and with minimal heat loss.

The hot water tank

Hot water is temporarily stored here. The insulated boiler is made from stainless steel, ensuring minimal heat loss and a long service life.

The remote controls

The control panel on the hydro unit controls all the functions. An external room remote control including temperature sensor is available as an option.

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