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About air conditioners


About air conditioners

Myths about air conditioning systems

We Cast Air Conditioners in a Positive Light

Air conditioners don't have it easy. Ever since their introduction, they have had to contend with so many preconceptions: they are noisy and unsightly, use too much electricity, can make you ill, and won't heat your home properly.

Perhaps you are guilty of this way of thinking, too. Do you consider one or more of these opinions to be correct?

Ten years ago, these preconceptions may have had some merit, but today we use highly specialized units that deliver comfort and a sense of wellbeing without any noticeable drawbacks.

Air conditioners are noisy!

High-quality fan components mean that Toshiba indoor units perform cooling or heating operations at max. 20 dB(A) – equivalent to the gentle rustling of leaves or someone breathing. Speed-controlled compressors & fans allow outdoor units to work almost silently, even at a distance of just a few meters.

Air conditioners are unsightly!

Toshiba units can be incorporated into any living space thanks to their timeless design and understated colors. The units can also be painted, wrapped, or even fitted with a leather covering, enabling a high degree of customization. And if the unit needs to be virtually invisible, duct units can be fully installed in false ceilings.

Air conditioners guzzle electricity!

High energy efficiency has always been a standard feature of all Toshiba systems. The inverter control for the compressors only provides the exact amount of energy required, resulting in excellent efficiency values in heating and cooling mode. The proof is in the energy label, which shows an efficiency class of up to A+++. Even a standard unit will only generate an annual cost roughly equivalent to an evening meal for two.

Air conditioners make you ill!

The opposite of this is true. Fan filter systems in Toshiba units not only clean & freshen the ambient air, but they also contribute to improving our health by removing pollen, germs, bacteria, and viruses. Furthermore, these filters require very little maintenance work, which you can easily perform yourself.

Air conditioners are not suitable for heating!

That used to be the case, but all Toshiba air conditioners are now fitted with heat pumps. For this reason, they are suitable for far more than heating living rooms by a few degrees during transitional periods. Today, even large buildings can be reliably heated at outdoor temperatures of up to -25°C without the use of an additional heating system.

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