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Outdoor units

Product details

Multisplit Next R32


Up to 5 individually combinable indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit. This considerably reduces the installation effort as well as the space requirements in the outdoor area.


  • Two to five indoor units can be connected
  • Supports Energy Monitoring
  • Compact, quiet & durable


  • Multisplit Next R32, Refrigerant R32
Cooling capacity

4 - 10 kW

Power consumption (min/nom/max)

0,85 - 2,60 kW

Energy label


Dimensions (H/W/D)

550 x 780 x 290 - 890 x 900 x 320 mm



Heating capacity

4,40 - 12,00 kW

Power consumption (min/nom/max)

0,90 - 2,80 kW

Energy label

A+++ - A++

Sound power level

59 - 67 dB(A)

Technical specifications: Multisplit Next R32

Product benefits: Multisplit Next R32

  • High energy efficiency (up to A+++)
  • Direct current hybrid inverter technology
  • Twin-rotary compressor
  • Exceptionally high efficiency in the partial load range
  • Corresponds to the ECODESIGN Lot 10 Directive
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Housing made of galvanized sheet steel with a cream-colored stove-enamel finish
  • Large-scale, curved heat exchanger for low space requirements
  • Automatic restart setting after power outage
  • Inverter control minimizes electricity consumption
  • Eco operation
  • Pre-filled with environmentally-friendly R32 refrigerant
  • Air used as energy source in heating mode
  • Unobtrusive design fits any interior
  • "Quiet" function lowers the noise level by up to 7 dB(A)
  • BASIC LINE highwall unit SEIYA
  • HIGH LINE highwall unit SHORAI EDGE
  • DESIGN LINE highwall unit HAORI
  • PREMIUM LINE highwall unit DAISEIKAI 9
  • Slim duct unit
  • 60x60 SLIM 4-way cassette
  • Bi-flow console
  • Comfort IR remote controls optionally available
  • Optional cable remote controls for cassette/duct unit
  • Weekly timer with 4 freely programmable settings per day
  • 28 time programs per week
  • Comfort sleep
  • Hi Power
  • Quiet
  • Optional WiFi control via smartphone, tablet, or PC


Ask our experts

Functions of air conditioners

Depending on the model and as per the description on the previous pages, Toshiba air conditioners have the following functions:

Cooling: This unit has a cooling and dehumidifying function.

Heating: This unit has a heating function.

Hybrid inverter control: Continuously adjustable power regulation.

Rotary compressor: Stability and high efficiency.

Twin-rotary compressor: Long-lasting, quiet, and highly efficient.

Dust filter: Washable filter for coarse contaminants.

IAQ filter: Fine filter made from natural materials.

Active carbon-catechin filter: Cleaning filter with green tea enzymes.

Plasma filter (pure mode): Electrostatic filter system.

Temperature control at 8°C: Frost protection function for unoccupied rooms.

Air ionizer: Negative ions trap contaminants in the air. Dust, pollen, and smoke particles are neutralized.

SUPER ionizer: Intensive air purification using negative ions.

Self-cleaning function: Active use of condensation for cleaning.

Auto mode: Automatic selection of cooling and heating modes.

Hi Power: For generating a very strong air flow to quickly reach the desired temperature.

Auto diagnostics: Checks that the unit is in perfect working order.

Eco mode: Energy-saving function.

Quiet mode: Particularly low noise level – whisper mode.

Comfort sleep: For gradually increasing the temperature by 2°C until morning.

Power selection: Power limitation and thus energy savings of 25, 50, or 75%.

Floor mode: Natural underfloor heating effect for increased comfort.

Preset mode: Activates individual settings at the push of a button.

One-touch mode: Fully automated operation in accordance with your requirements.

WiFi - capable: Optional control of the unit using your smartphone.

Weekly timer: Up to four settings per day and seven per week.

Timer: Individual programming of on/off times.

Automatic restart: Following a power failure.

Off timer: For switching off the unit at a selected time (30 min –12 h).

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