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RAV outdoor units

RAV outdoor unit product details

Digital Inverter BIG


Digital Inverter BIG outdoor unit with refrigerant R410A for cooling or heating. For 1:1 combination with high-pressure duct units and valve kits as well as with up to four indoor units in twin/double twin/triple operation. Available in power levels 20.0 and 23.0 kW.


  • Versatile with a high capacity
  • Controllable min. capacity up to 17% of nominal capacity
  • 1:1 single or up to 4 indoor units can be connected


  • Digital Inverter BIG, Refrigerant R410A
Cooling capacity

19,40 - 23,00 kW

Power supply

380-415/3N/50 V/Ph+N/Hz

Heating capacity

22,40 - 27,00 kW

Dimensions (H/W/D)

1550 x 1010 x 370 mm

Technical specifications: Digital Inverter BIG

    Product benefits: Digital Inverter BIG

    • Suitable for 24/7 continual operation
    • Best-in-class energy efficiency values
    • EER values up to 3.24 are possible depending on the combination
    • COP values up to 3.80 are possible depending on the combination
    • Exceptionally high efficiency in the partial load range
    • Controls at the lowest, min. capacities
    • Max. pipe lengths up to 100 m
    • Max. height differences up to 30 m
    • Up to 4 indoor units can be connected
    • Flexible control options
    • Extreme outside temperature operating range from -27 to +52°C
    • Optimal ratio of unit capacity to installation surface
    • Direct current hybrid inverter technology
    • Twin-rotary compressor
    • Power supply 3-phase, 400 V
    • Kit available for noise reduction & power limitation
    • Integrated leak detection (with RBC-AMS54E-ES remote control)


    Ask our experts

    Functions of air conditioners

    Depending on the model and as per the description on the previous pages, Toshiba air conditioners have the following functions:

    Cooling: This unit has a cooling and dehumidifying function.

    Heating: This unit has a heating function.

    Hybrid inverter control: Continuously adjustable power regulation.

    Rotary compressor: Stability and high efficiency.

    Twin-rotary compressor: Long-lasting, quiet, and highly efficient.

    Dust filter: Washable filter for coarse contaminants.

    IAQ filter: Fine filter made from natural materials.

    Active carbon-catechin filter: Cleaning filter with green tea enzymes.

    Plasma filter (pure mode): Electrostatic filter system.

    Temperature control at 8°C: Frost protection function for unoccupied rooms.

    Air ionizer: Negative ions trap contaminants in the air. Dust, pollen, and smoke particles are neutralized.

    SUPER ionizer: Intensive air purification using negative ions.

    Self-cleaning function: Active use of condensation for cleaning.

    Auto mode: Automatic selection of cooling and heating modes.

    Hi Power: For generating a very strong air flow to quickly reach the desired temperature.

    Auto diagnostics: Checks that the unit is in perfect working order.

    Eco mode: Energy-saving function.

    Quiet mode: Particularly low noise level – whisper mode.

    Comfort sleep: For gradually increasing the temperature by 2°C until morning.

    Power selection: Power limitation and thus energy savings of 25, 50, or 75%.

    Floor mode: Natural underfloor heating effect for increased comfort.

    Preset mode: Activates individual settings at the push of a button.

    One-touch mode: Fully automated operation in accordance with your requirements.

    WiFi - capable: Optional control of the unit using your smartphone.

    Weekly timer: Up to four settings per day and seven per week.

    Timer: Individual programming of on/off times.

    Automatic restart: Following a power failure.

    Off timer: For switching off the unit at a selected time (30 min –12 h).

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