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TOSHIBA in-store

A retail chain with 80 stores ranging in size from 500 to 1,500 m2 was equipped with climate control systems for monovalent heating and cooling.



High energy efficiency is the central issue. The wide variety of conditions at the business premises must be taken into account.

The flexible adaptation of the indoor units – depending on the situation in the existing shops – as well as a higher-level control for all branches via the central office are desired. The shops are only heated and cooled using one system – this system also has to heat reliably when outside temperatures are low.


Smart Manager for each store enables individual control. 100 % transparency and central control.

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4-Way cassette with special "high ceiling" mode for convenient heating in spaces with high ceilings. Reliable heating at outdoor temperatures of up to –25 °C.

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Air curtain for entry and exit areas to ensure customer comfort and independent heating during transitional periods. Cross-current heat exchanger for exchanging used, heated exhaust air – energy recovery of up to 75 %. Energy monitoring functions capture data on current capacity utilization and energy costs for statistical evaluation.

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