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Which air conditioner is right for you?

Single- vs. multi-split

Step 1: Required capacity

In order to select the right system for your needs, the required cooling and/or heating capacity must first be calculated. In this regard, the room size as well as the strength of the solar radiation is decisive. TOSHIBA recommends contacting an experienced specialized company because there are also several other factors that play a role here such as geographical alignment, how the room is used as well as additional heat sources. This type of company can prepare a precise and reliable calculation.

Room size

Amount of sunlight

Geographical orientation

Utilization of the room

Additional heat sources

Step 2: Single or multi-split

The number of rooms, their size, and layout in the house are crucial when deciding whether to use a single or multi-split unit.

While single-split systems consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit connected by copper pipe, with multi-split systems, up to five indoor units of your choice can be connected to one outdoor unit.

Multi-split is suitable for different climate zones and for multiple rooms or large rooms. A significant advantage is the low space requirement for the outdoor unit and the simple installation.


The one-room solution. Optimal for targeted air conditioning.



The multi-room solution. Suitable for the air conditioning of several rooms and climate zones.

Step 3: Suitable indoor unit

In the indoor unit, the ambient air is extracted, filtered, and cooled or heated by a suitable heat exchanger.

Wall, console, cassette, and duct models vary in terms of power, design, and filter functions. These can be combined as desired. Cassette units are ideal for integration in suspended ceilings. If the air conditioner needs to be discrete, a duct unit can be installed above the suspended ceiling. For retrofitting, we recommend console or wall models.

Step 4: Suitable outdoor unit

The surplus heat inside is absorbed and conveyed to the outdoor unit via the refrigerant.

In the outdoor unit, the heat is dissipated and the refrigerant flows back to the indoor unit. The result: the air cools down. The key factors in choosing the right air conditioner are the required power and the number of indoor units that will be connected.


To make selecting the ideal indoor unit easier, you can find detailed information on the design and function of the individual units on the following pages. These units can be combined in virtually any manner.

The single-room solution.

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Single and multi-room solutions.

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The multi-room solution.

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The following questions are designed to make selecting a suitable unit easier: How many indoor units would you like to connect? What should the unit's power level be? Your specialist consultant will help you with this.

The single-room solution.

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The multi-room solution.

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