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Quiet and long-lasting

At the heart of the TOSHIBA twin-rotary compressor are two discs rotating in the opposite direction. This results in maximum mechanical stability and thus minimal vibration. In a nutshell: TOSHIBA units are quiet and long-lasting.

Consistent temperature

The TOSHIBA inverter system keeps the modulation width permanently between 20% and 100% using its intelligent control system. This generates a consistent temperature so you don't have to keep switching the unit on and off.

Efficiency perfected

The split compression vane is a unique in-house development. System efficiency is perfected by minimizing pressure loss in the compressor. The special "diamond-like carbon coating" also ensures durability and outstanding reliability.

Automatic mode change

If the desired temperature value is a long way off and needs to be reached quickly, PAM* mode is activated –
"High Power" mode is required here. If the value is reached, it is kept constant with the lowest possible energy consumption (PWM* mode)

*Pulse amplitude and/or pulse width modulation

Variable control

The speed of the compressor and the power of the unit can be almost continuously adjusted in increments of 0.1 Hz. This allows for precise settings and for energy to be used in the most efficient manner.

Individual settings

Special modes such as "Soft Cooling" or "Dual Setpoint" promise lasting comfort. Whether for convenience or efficiency, functions on TOSHIBA units are easy to control.

The benefits of TOSHIBA solutions

For operators

Top ESEER values guarantee the cost effectiveness of the unit, particularly in terms of energy savings in the partial load range (in which the unit predominantly operates). Furthermore, you have the option to integrate all conventional building control systems and tailor the central control system to your needs. Our extensive partner network will provide you with support, from planning right through to maintenance work.

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For end customers

The room temperature and air flow of the units can be regulated individually and flexibly. Simple remote controls allow for convenient control of the unit.

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For designers

A total of 18 designs, 14 power levels, and 128 indoor units allow for maximum flexibility in design and installation, aided by the "DesignAIRS" design program.

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TOSHIBA business applications distinguish between two systems: A single-room solution (RAV) with up to four indoor units in a temperature zone and a multi-room solution (VRF) for large buildings with virtually unlimited combinations of indoor units and temperature zones.

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