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AIR-COND Klimaanlagen-Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.

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Technology and basics

Quiet and stable operation

At the heart of the TOSHIBA twin-rotary compressor, developed and manufactured in house, are two discs rotating in the opposite direction. This results in maximum mechanical stability, smooth synchronous operation, and thus minimal vibration. In a nutshell: TOSHIBA units are quiet and long-lasting.

Consistent temperature

Did you know that an air conditioner only needs to operate at full power for 15% of its operating time? The TOSHIBA inverter system keeps the modulation width permanently between 20% and 100% using its intelligent control system. This generates a consistent temperature so you don't have to keep switching the unit on and off.

Save on operating costs

As the unit operates in the partial load range 85% of the time, efficiency in this area is crucial. TOSHIBA units show optimum values in this range in particular, making them energy-efficient and easy on your wallet. A long service life is also guaranteed.

Two drive modes – The Hybrid inverter

To power the compressor, TOSHIBA combines the two principles of pulse amplitude modulation and pulse width modulation (abbreviated PAM and PWM). The Hybrid inverter control therefore responds to both requirement profiles of an air conditioner. If the desired temperature value is a long way off and needs to be reached quickly, PAM mode is activated – "High Power" mode is required here. If the value is reached, it is kept constant with the lowest possible energy consumption (PWM mode).

Advantages at a glance

Energy savings

The unit automatically switches between high power and energy saving mode, so current consumption is minimal.

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Improved temperature regulation

Thanks to the modular operation, the unit reaches the desired temperature very quickly. This ensures a stable temperature.

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Unique comfort levels

The system is extremely quiet, so you will hardly notice it in the day or when you are sleeping at night.

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Maximum efficiency

The unit is extremely efficient, particularly in the partial load range. Since all our units have cooling and heating functions, you will have everything you need all year round. Both functions boast a minimum of energy efficiency class A.

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