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TOSHIBA quality control

TOSHIBA - Success Through Quality!

TOSHIBA is one of the global leaders in air conditioning technology and uses various quality management systems to ensure maximum reliability and durability of all its air conditioners.

TOSHIBA's two main factories are located in Pathum Thani (Thailand) and Fuji (Japan). Parts for the ESTIA air/water heat pump systems, which are of particular importance for the European market, are manufactured in Beroun (Czech Republic). It is also important to us that our employees adhere to the highest standards. All factories are certified to environmental management standard ISO 14001 and quality management standard ISO 9001.

Irrespective of whether production takes place in Asia or Europe, no TOSHIBA unit leaves the factory without having completed extensive quality tests and a trial run in a connected state.

Quality Assurance Across the Entire Value-Added Chain

These comprehensive programs for ensuring maximum quality begin at a very early stage, for example copper suppliers are required to perform a full leak check. Some air conditioner components contain hundreds of solder joints that are not only handled by highly specialized soldering machines, but also certified employees who work on particularly sensitive joints. These employees must also complete at least six months training in Japan. VRF units are subject to a special leak test in a helium chamber. Finally, the resilience of the outer packaging is tested prior to shipping. These, along with countless other measures, guarantee the overall quality of a TOSHIBA air conditioner at all times.

EUROVENT certification

TOSHIBA is also a participant in the Eurovent certification program. This program from one of the most independent and recognized organizations officially confirms that the overall efficiency of the units corresponds to the strictest criteria. The product performance data are certified for air and cooling technology according to European and international standards. All products are tested by independent laboratories.

What is it all about and what have we found out?

Naturally, the most important thing is the performance data of a system: Nominal capacity, energy efficiency & noise values. However, the tests of these institutes go far beyond the verification of the manufacturer data – for example, material qualities and "life cycle costs" are also evaluated. Along with the excellent efficiency values of TOSHIBA units, this also documents qualities such as investment, operating, and even disposal costs!

Advantages at a glance:

  • Performance data are checked by independent laboratories
  • Direct comparison of the performance data of competing manufacturers
  • Fair competition for manufacturers
  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • The performance exactly corresponds to expectations
  • Over-dimensioning is not required
  • Reduction of energy consumption and run times due to an exact design
  • Economic advantages for operators regarding unit selection, run time, energy consumption, service life

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