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VRF technology in detail

VRF technology details

Optimum power distribution through IFT.

VRF stands for "Variable Refrigerant Flow". No matter how large the building is, the system regulates the refrigerant flow perfectly, so that each indoor unit is supplied with the required amount of refrigerant at all times.

Optimum refrigerant management through IFT. The "Intelligent Flow Technology" microprocessor processes information from all system sensors in order to achieve optimum power distribution. Capacity surpluses or shortages are compensated for irrespective of their location in the building.
The unit is constantly in heating mode, with continuous heating sensors on the outdoor unit that detect even the smallest buildup of ice and respond immediately. While heating mode has to be paused during the defrosting process on other units, TOSHIBA units use an intelligent bypass system to continue providing heat.

Tools for engineers and designers

Intelligent software tools make life easier for both parties, with convenient planning at the start of the project and easy access to data on the installed unit.


Reliable and efficient planning requires much more than simply combining indoor and outdoor units. The DesignAIRS software provides you with a realistic representation of one or more overall systems, each with their own level of detail. Floor plans and control options can be incorporated, lists of units and piping diagrams can be created – everything is available for export in.pdf or AutoCAD® format at the touch of a button. This enables quotations to be provided and work to be planned quickly and effectively.

Wave Tool

Data can be read directly off or uploaded to the outdoorunit using an Android smartphone or tablet. Cables are not required to establish a connection; simply use wireless NFC technology. Be it for initial commissioning or servicing purposes, data on the entire system, device addressing, history, and much more are available on site or via data transfer.

You can choose from 2-pipe or 3-pipe VRF multi-room systems for simultaneous cooling and heating.

Cooling, heating, or both?

Heating or cooling.

2-pipe technology

This system can perform heating or cooling operations depending on the season and the user's requirements. The system provides the ideal balance of temperature and humidity at low operating costs. Flexibility is afforded thanks to various indoor unit combinations, and simple piping and wiring.

Heating and cooling.

3-pipe technology

With this system, simultaneous and independent heating and cooling is possible. This technology is particularly efficient in buildings with extreme variations in thermal loads depending on the orientation of the building, or spaces that constantly produce waste heat. The heat energy absorbed from one area of the building can be made available for heating other rooms with virtually no heat loss. This guarantees maximum cost effectiveness.

System flexibility:

1,000 m pipe length

A maximum pipe length of up to 1,000 m allows for even more flexible planning and installation.

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90 m height difference

The height difference between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit that is farthest away can be up to 90 m. This is equivalent to the height of a 25-storey building.

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Compact design

Compact dimensions ensure low space requirements.

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Flexible refrigeration cycles

Several refrigeration cycles can be combined to form one large system, so that they can be controlled centrally.

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